As you can tell by the amazingly unoriginal title, you have landed at my anime artwork page. This page is actually very out of date. You can find all of my more recent art over on my DeviantArt Page. Go check it out!

Original -- These are pictures I drew of my own original characters and have colored using various methods. A lot of it is computer-colored (CG) but I also enjoy using acrylics and watercolors. This is the largest section of my site. I enjoy drawing my own characters much more than doing fanart :)

Fanart -- Yeah, while I DO prefer to draw my own characters, I do draw some fan art sometimes. I like to sell my artwork at conventions, and for the most part, what usually sells is artwork of existing characters. I have been selling my artwork at Project A-kon since 1995.

If you have any comments or questions, please drop me a line or Sign My Guestbook. All artwork on this page is drawn by and Emily Snodgrass, 1996-2006. It may not be used or reposted without permission.

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