Episode 17: Osaka Rapshody
Λucifer arrives in Osaka, and to their amazement, they find a gig at a Live House right away! However, tension is high when Towa runs into his old band 'Neon" at a local club, andthey come to see Λucifer perform at their live show. Atsuro, who has been feeling down, succumbs to the pressure, and makes a mustake in the performance, causing the rest of the band (mainly Santa) to get mad at him. In anger, Atsuro runs away, and wanders alone. Yuka is very worried when he doesn't come back, and waits at their hotel all day. Atsuro, in his wanderings, comes across an all-girls band that plays very well. They end up inviting him to stay with them, since he doesn't have a place to go. (They think he's cute ^_^) Shizuka, a guitarist with the girls band senses that something is troubling Atsuro, and wantsto help him regain his confidence. Lots of cute Atsuro scenes in this episode!

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