Episode 19: Debut
Like the episode title indicates, this episode is about the debut of Λucifer! The group meets at their production company and signs their first professional music contract. Λucifer's manager is named Sasaki. Their first single will be the song they played back at the Grand Prix competition, Datenshi BLUE. This episode is also notable for the first appearance os the Kaikan Phrase manga heroine Aine. It's about time she showed up! Interestingly enough, she doesn't meet Sakua in this episode. But they do pass each other on the street! Aine is shown sitting at her laptop, writing song lyrics. Her parents do not get along, and her house is a very cold, lonely place. Meanwhile, Λucifer is set to start recording in the studio. Because of their pro debut, Santa quits his job at the guitar shop, Sakuya quits his job in the hotel lounge, and Yuki moves out of Towa's apartment. They are all really excited about their debut! In the studio, Sakuya can be quite the perfectionist, which really annoys the technicians working there. At the same time, Aine is thinking that something isn't quite right with her life. She sort of has a boyfriend, but he doesn't seem to like being with her, and he doesn't treat her very well.