Episode 2: Jam
Santa and Yuki approach Sakuya about joining their band, but he is not interested. Yuki gives him a MD of their music to listen to, but Sakuya throws it away. Meanwhile, Atsuro is excited about performing in a band with his friends, but they are all pushing aside their interest in music because college entrance exams are coming up, and they have to study. TOWA's band is about to get signed to a contract, but TOWA is disturbed because the producers are more interested in his band's good looks than their musical talent. For these reasons, he leaves the band. Santa and Yuki continue to court Sakuya and convince him to join them, but he is more interested in his affair with the older woman to give them much time. (It's strange seeing Sakuya being the boy-toy of an older woman!) He eventually gives in and listens to the MD, and decides to meet Santa and Yuki at "The Cradle", a local "Live House", or music club. Once there, Santa tricks Sakuya into going on stage and singing. Towa shows up at the club and joins the group on stage, and finally Atsuro hops on stage too. The group performs so well, everyone can sense something big is going to happen. The song they perform is "Midnight Crow"

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