Episode 21: Hit Chart
Λucifer's debut single has hit the stores, and people are starting to recognize their song. School girls are starting to get all fangirly over how cute the Λucifer boys are. They are appearing on TV music shows and are holding autograph sessions. Meanwhile, Aine's boyfriend continues to treat her poorly, and her parents continue to selfishly fight and be absent from home. She does finally manage to catch a bit of Λucifer on TV, and thinks Sakuya is an impressive person. Now the pressure is on Λucifer to produce their second single. Their first single has not hit No. 1 yet. Sakuya is charged with coming up with single No. 2 but he is not having much luck. He can't write anything he is happy with, and his performance during rehearsals is slipping. We see that Aine has been doing her boyfriend's homework, and that he has been cheating on her. No surprise there, it has been obvious that he is just using her. Unable to write anything, Sakuya goes for a ride on his motorcycle, and encounters someone we haven't seen in many episodes. She gives him something to think about. Unfortunately it hasn't resulted in a song, and Λucifer's future is riding on Sakuya bringing them their next new song. Time is running out, what will he do?