Episode 22: Song Writer
Well at last we finally get to some episodes that vaguely resemble the manga! Sakuya is racing off on his bike, and he almost runs down a girl in the street. The girl is Aine-chan, and Sakuya is barely able to give her a backstage pass to Λucifer's live concert before she runs off. (Aine is really shy) Sakuya picks up a paper she has left behind and is amazed to find the song he is looking for! Aine decides to go to the concert and is shocked to hear her song being sung! She realizes that the vocalist on stage is the guy who nearly run her down earlier! What is he doing with her song! Then Sakuya leaps from the stage and pulls Aine along with him backstage! The anime adds some more twists and turns before Aine-chan becomes Λucifer's songwriter, but Sakuya is so obsessed with her songwriting talent that he is notgoing to let her go! (No, he doesn't try to sex0r her in public like he does in the manga ^_^;;;)

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