Episode 23: Yesterday
High school girl Aine has been hired as Λucifer's new songwriter! She is being forced to use a male pen name due to Λucifer's macho cool image. She has jet been hired, and t hey already want her to write a new song go go with the one she wrote before. Aine is nervous and scared, and thinks she can't write a song for Λucifer because she doesn't know them. Sakuya tells her that if she wants to know him, he will tell her anything she wants to know. Since meeting Aine, Sakuya has become much more lively, and less of a moody dork. Yay! Sakuya takes Aine out to the water where tehy sit and talk. He basically pours out his life story to her, telling her things he hasn't told anyone else, including the other members of Λucifer. We learn about Sakuya's mother, the jazz vocalist, and how she taught him to play piano. Sakuya's father was an American. His mother had a drinking problem. Ahh, young Sakuya was so cute! Aine now has some background with which to work when writing her song, and she works hard at it. Meanwhile, the rest of the band continues to be amazed at Sakuya's change in attitude since meeting Aine. He is enthusiastic and cheerful. Definitely a changed man!