Episode 24: Long Goodbye
Everyone is tense after Λucifer's 2nd single is released. Sakuya said they would leave the music industry if the single did not reach the top. At a TV music show, the band is on the air as the music rankings for that week are revealed. Meanwhile, Yuka is given some new work to do, but she turns down the job, much to the surprise of everyone. Yuka passes the job over to Aine. Aine must come up with an theme for Λucifer's first live video. Yuka, who did a good job as Λucifer's manager when they were an indie band is now thinking of going to London to study the music business. With Aine as a songwriter, and Sasaki as the manager, Yuka has been feeling a bit left out. She has decided that she is gonna follow her dream just like Λucifer did. The band and Aine are not happy to see Yuka go, but realize it's for the best and wish her the best of luck. Then there is a bit that reminds me of the video for U2's 'A Beautiful Day' video, heheh.