Episode 27: Sympathy
The pressure is on from Ralph and his artists at Metro Records. Everything the band does is countered by a marketing strategy by Ralph. Determined to get Λucifer some good press and more popularity, it is decided that their next release should not be just one, but TWO new singles released simultaneously! This puts a huge load of pressure on Aine-chan to come up with good songs, so Λucifer Management sends her and Sakuya to stay in a hotel room where they will be succeed and forced to write under pressure ad away from prying eyes. The relationship between Aine and Sakuya gets somewhat closer at this point, as they have to cooperate to create good music. It isn't always perfect, and they argue a lot, but the two manage to come up with 2 new songs! Unfortunately they may not have a chance to release them, thanks to more scheming by Ralph!