Episode 3: Into the Wind
Sakuya has continued to refuse the offer to join the band, but now he is thinking about it. Towa and Atsuro have joined up, so now they just need Sakuya. Atsuro spends the night on Sakuya's porch waiting for him to come home so he can convince him to join the band. Of course Sakuya has been out all night being a stud-bunny with his older girlfriend, and is not interested in what Atsuro has to say. Sakuya is later scouted by this guy named Kudo, from the band "Radical." He wants Sakuya to join them as they go pro, and is willing to pay Sakuya to perform with them. Based on a coin-toss, Sakuya goes with Kudo. But, after learning about what they did to their previous vocalist, he leaves them. Atsuro tries to convince Sakuya to join their band AGAIN, but Skuya still refuses. Santa gets mad at Atsuro and punches him out! Later, at the recording studio, Sakuya appears and agrees to join the band!

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