Episode 43: Love Melody
It's the first night of the big 3-day LIVE dome concert for Λucifer. Sakuya has forced himself to get well and perform at the concert, despite his injuries. They have a doctor on hand to keep an eye on him, and e.mu is also performing inbetween Λucifer sets so that Sakuya can rest. Everyone (especially Sakuya) is worried because Aine has not shown up at the concert yet. Sakuya does not know about how her identity had been revealed, and how she was in physical danger from jealous fangirls. When Sakuya finds out what happened to Aine, he is angry, but she begs him not to be because she understands how the girls ho hurt her felt. Sakuya ends up giving an emotional speech about his love to Aine that has the whole audience in tears, and all the girls supporting him. Λucifer continues their concert, and we can see a number of familiar faces in the audience- Towa's former bandmates, Yuki's mother, Λucifer's old rival "FEEL", the owner of the Cradle Live House, etc. Not long after the first concert, Aine runs into a foreigner, who turns out to be an important person in the music industry!

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