Episode 5: Day by Day
The band is back in the studio they rented, rehearsing their music. There is friction because of the botched live show, and because Sakuya claims to not remember the song that Towa has written for the band. Sakuya knows he was wrong not to show up, but doesn't admit it. Santa is pissed off about Sakuya's behavior, and his temper gets out of control as usual. Sakuya's girlfriend wants him to leave the band so they can be together more, but then at the restaurant they are meeting at, her husband shows up. She makes an excuse for them, but her husband suspects something gis going on between her and Sakuya. (How can he NOT, considering that boy-toy outfit he always wears ^_^;;) Later, Sakuya is confronted by the husband, who knows what is going on. Then Yuka finds Sakuya at work and lets him know about why she supports Λucifer so much. Her words weally start to open his eyes. I think Yuka-chan is very instrumental in convincing Sakuya to get his act together and commit to Λucifer.

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