Episode 6: Cradle
Finally, Sakuya begins to get a clue! The owner of the Live House (The Cradle) that Λucifer first met and played together at is having financial troubles. He is going to have to close the club. This comes as horrible news for everyone because the Cradle is a well-known club and lots of great groups have played there. The owner is a great guy. At first, Sakuya can't understand why everyone is so upset, and could care less about the Cradle. Everyone else meets at the club to see iff there is anything they could do to save it. They decide to hold a live show and invite everyone they know, in order to bring a crows into the restaurant. Sakuya gets to know the owner of the Cradle, and begins o understand his struggle and love of the place and for music. It inspires him, and Sakuya actually begins to care about something other than himself for once. Can they save the Cradle?

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