• Name: Atsuro
  • Atsuro
  • Age: 19
  • Birthday: Jan. 30
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 178cm
  • Weight: 60kg
  • Shoe Size: 26cm
  • Hair: Red (dyed)
  • Eyes: Black
  • Atsuro is a guitarist for Λucifer.
  • Anime:
    Atsuro is the youngest member of Λucifer. When the band first forms, he is still in high school, and is facing pressure from his parents to study for his college entrance exams. His parents do NOT agree with his decision to join a rock band, and for a time, Atsuro was kicked out and forced to live with Towa. The struggle to get his parents to respect his dream of being a rock star and to recognize his talent as a musician

    In the manga, they list Atsuro as 19, and Sakuya as 17, so he isn't the youngest any more. Atsuro went to school with Towa, and they were good friends. They joined the same band together, and were recruited by Yuki to join Λucifer at the same time. Atsuro has a secret girlfriend that he doesn't tell anyone about until later in the series. Highlight the following text for spoilers as to who his girlfriend is. [Atsuro is in love with his older sister Yuka-chan! How shocking! However they are not actually related by blood. But they did grow up together, so when they started their relationship, it was a bit strange at first, so they decided to keep it hidden. It is still freaky though, how he still calls her 'ne-chan!' O_o Aine is the first to find out Atsuro and Yuka's secret. She tries to keep quiet about it, but Sakuya doesn't like her keeping secrets, and they end up telling him. Atsuro ends up telling the rest of Λucifer.]