The Music

Well, you can't have an anime about a band without also having a lot of music to go with it! For Kaikan Phrase, they created a real life version of the band Λucifer to sing and promote the songs used in the anime! The songs sung by the real life Λucifer were released on Λucifer CDs (like something you would buy if you were a fan of the group in the anime) while the Kaikan Phrase Original Soundtracks contain only BGM. Because the live-action band is a spin-off of the manga and anime, I will be including CDs from them here, even if the music did not actually appear in the anime. I figure by default, everything from Λucifer is related to the series somehow. Listed below are all of the CDs I know of that are associated with Kaikan Phrase. Soon I will add a section all about the live-action band :)

I have realaudio files of many Kaikan Phrase songs linked below! Sorry, I am not going to link to any MP3s, I want to encourage people to buy the CDs! :)

Kaikan Phrase: Λucifer
Catalog #: PCOX-1097 (drama cd)
This is a combination of drama and music CD that was released before the anime was made. It's based on the manga, and has a different voice cast than the anime. It contains 4 music tracks and 4 drama tracks. So far the voices I have identified are: Koyasu Takehito as Sakuya, Midorikawa Hikaru as Atsuro, and Miki Shinichirou as Towa. I am still working on identifying the other voices. All the vocals are sung by Koyasu Takehito.
Kaikan Phrase Original Soundtrack 1
Catalog #: PCCM-00008, 2625yen. This album contains various BGM from the series. Click here for a track listing.
Kaikan Phrase BGM Image Album: VISUALISM
Catalog #: PCCG-00531, 2940yen
This CD is mainly BGM, with a few vocal tracks of songs by other bands that appear in the anime, and some tracks of the Λucifer band members speaking to their fans. This also comes with a cool little color booklet and a trading card (1st pressing only)
Catalog #: PCCM-00005, 2940yen. Λucifer's first album! It contains songs from their first few singles plus many more! Click here for a track listing and some audio files!
Λucifer: BEATRIP
Catalog #: PDCM-8203, 2913yen. Λucifer's second album! This collects some more great Λucifer songs, like Tokyo Gensou, Junk City, Tsubasa, Lucy, Love & Pain, and more!
Catalog #: PDCM-8206, 2913yen. Yet another full album! I am so glad that Λucifer the band continued going strong after the anime ended! This CD contains the songs Elements, Desire, Jealousy, Regret, Black Shadow, Orange, Graduation, Poker Face, Shooting Star, High Panic Soul, Except, and Labyrinth. Sounds like they are exploring their feelings here ^_^
Λucifer: THE BEST
Catalog #: PDCM-9820, 2913yen. Hmm is this Λucifer's last album? I am not sure. At any rate, this is a best collection, released in December 2002. It collects great songs from their previous 3 CDs, including Datenshi Blue, C no Binetsu, Tokyo Gensou, Carnation Crime, Midnight Crow, Junk City, Regret, Shooting Star, Tsubasa, Lucy, Ego Vision, and more!
Glay: SURVIVAL CD/Video Single
Catalog #: PCVU-50001, 1020yen. This song by Glay is the first opening theme for the anime. It's one of the few songs that wasn't sung by Λucifer or another band that appears in the anime. I love this song though! It was the opening theme from episode 1-11.
Λucifer: Datenshi BLUE CD Single
Catalog #: PCDM-00009, 1020yen. In the anime, this is the song that Sakuya wrote for the Grand Prix contest. It is also my favorite song by Λucifer. It becomes the 2nd opening song. It is really catchy! It is c/w "Silent Melody" and an off-vocal version of "Datenshi Blue." Click here for romanized lyrcs.
FEEL: Everlasting CD Single
Catalog #: PCDM-00014, 1020yen. This is the 1st ending song for the Kaikan Phrase anime. It lasted until episode 11.
Λucifer: C no Binetsu CD Single
Catalog #: PCDM-00011, 1020yen. C no binetsu is C/W "Plasmagic."
C no Binetsu is the 2nd opening song for the Kaikan Phrase anime.
FEEL: Shinkirou CD Single
Catalog #: KIDS-70012, 1020yen
Shinkirou is the 2nd ending song for Kaikan Phrase. The band FEEL appears in the Kaikan Phrase Anime when Λucifer goes on their van tour.
Λucifer: TOKYO Genso (Illusion)/LUCY CD Single
Catalog #: PCDM-00014, 1020yen. This is the 3rd opening song from the anime. It was used from episode 23 to 36.
Transtic Nerve: Overhead Run CD Single
Catalog #: , 1020yen. This is the third ending song for the anime.
Λucifer: Carnation Crime CD Single
Catalog #: PCDM-00017, 1020yen. This is Λucifer's 4th single! It is C/W "Dummy" (Live version) and "Midnight Crow" (Live Version)
Λucifer: Junk City CD Single
Catalog #: POCE-8201, 1020yen. Here is the 5th single from Λucifer! Love Around CD Single
Catalog #: POCE-8100, 1000yen. This is the 4th and final ending somg for the Kaikan Phrase Anime. is a group scouted by Λucifer's manager and promoted as a rival\for them. This song is by the live-action group that represents the group from the anime. 'Love Around' is c/w "Don't Clue" the song written by Aine in the anime.
Λucifer: Tsubasa CD Single
Catalog #: POCE-8202, 1020yen. This is the 6th single from Λucifer! It is C/W "See You..."
Λucifer: High Panic Soul CD Single
Catalog #: POCE-8204, 1020yen. This is the 7th single from Λucifer! It is C/W "Castaways"
Λucifer: Regret CD Single
Catalog #: POCE-8205, 1020yen. This is the 8th single from Λucifer! It is C/W "Heavy Style"
Λucifer: Realize CD Single
Catalog #: POCE-8207, 1020yen. This is the 9th (and final?) single from Λucifer! It is C/W "Kono Te no Naka Ni" (In this Hand)
Λucifer: 1st clips DVD(R2)/VHS
Catalog #: 3800yen. This is the first music/DVD clips release by Λucifer! It contains clips for the songs: Datenshi BLUE, C no Binetsu, Tokyo Gensou, Lucy, and an animated version of Tokyo Gensou.
Catalog #: 7500yen. I haven't watched this yet, but I really want it! It is a DVD of a Λucifer Concert from 2002.