• Name: Ralph Grazer
  • Birthday:
  • Age:
  • Blood Type:
  • Height: cm
  • Weight:
  • Hair: Blond
  • Eyes: Blue

  • Anime:
    Ralph arrives in the anime halfway through the series. He is the president of Metro Records, and he has become interested in the Japanese music industry. He is also very interested in Lucifer- Sakuya in particular. Lucifer works under the Jupiter Records label, and is in competition with the Metro Records performers. Ralph has a personal grugde against Sakuya (see Sakuya's bio) that causes him to do his best to destroy Lucifer. He schedules conflicting events, spreads malicious Lucifer gossip to the press, etc.

    In the manga, Ralph meets Aine-chan fairly early on, and he uses her in his plots to hurt Sakuya. However he does care about her, in his way (well, more like obsession), and tries to steal her away from Sakuya. His methods are NOT nice, and Sakuya often has to come rescue Aine from him. However, later on in the series, Ralph does help out Sakuya at one point, but I think it is only for Aine's sake.