• Name: SAKUMA Kazuto (TOWA)
  • Birthday: April 10
  • Age: 19
  • Blood Type: B
  • Height: 175cm
  • Weight: 60kg
  • Shoe Size: 26cm
  • Hair: Gold
  • Eyes: Black (the manga art always has them different colors though)
  • TOWA is the bassist for Λucifer.
  • Anime:
    In the Anime, Towa is the member of a popular visual rock band. All the members of the group are very handsome, and dress flashy. However, despite the group's success and popularity, Towa was feeling unsatisfied. The members of his group were good musicians, but they were more interested in making money and getting girls than in playing good music. This is why, right before the group was about to get signed by a major label, Towa left the group. He had been approached by Yuki about joining Λucifer, and decided to follow that path. He is a pretty level-headed guy, and other band members come to him for advice when they need help. Even though he left the visual rock band, Towa still dresses like a girl, and keeps his long blond hair. He has his own apartment, and allows both Atsuro and Yuki to stay there when they need crash space. His personality is quiet, and he doesn't seem to complain much.

    Kazuto was a classmate of Atsuro's. All through school, Kazuto was mistaken for a girl because of his good looks. He always had people confessing their love to him (both male and female!). However the one Kazuto loves is his childhood friend named Miya. They knew each other for as long as he could remember, yet they had always been just friends. After Kazuto got older, and was getting all this attention because of his looks, he still could not bring himself to confess to Miya how he felt. Then Kazuto and Atsuro get their chance to play in a band. Miya does Kazuto's makeup for him, and everyone is stunned at how beautiful he looks. After their first show, they meet Yukifumi, the member of the popular band called "Crime". Yuki is interested in Kazuto and Atsuro, and wants them to join a new band he is forming called "Λucifer". This is great news! Even better is later that evening when Kazuto and Miya finally confess their love for each other! She had always cared for him just like he loved her! To this day, Miya does Kazuto's makeup, even after he changes his name to Towa and joins the soon-to-be-famous group Λucifer!