About this Site

I decided to make this site after first discovering the manga and then the anime, and then not finding a very thorough source of series information on the net. I love this series, for all it's cheeziness, so I couldn't resist!

While I do try to provide a lot of information about Kaikan Phrase and Λucifer, you'll notice that I do not have any mp3s on this page. When I do include music samples on this page they will be in realaudio format. I think this is a better sound format to use when offering the music as samples only. With mp3s it is too easy to substitute an mp3 for purchasing the CDs, and I want to encourage people to support the band/series and actually buy their music!


June 28, 2003: I finally updated the music section with some small images and info of more Λucifer albums and singles. I attempted to replace all references of "Lucifer" with "Λucifer". Added info about the Kaikan Phrase Special manga volume, and added a few more images into the image gallery. Hooray for me!

August 22, 2001: I have been updating the site bit by bit all year, but forgetting to update this page. Whoops ^^; Anyway, today I added a link to the new Kaiakn Phrase forums, and also added info about the drama cd.

January 4, 2001: I actually started this page many months ago, but now I am on the home stretch of actually getting it open! Today I edited the song lyrics some more, worked on audio files, character descriptions and locations, and more!