• Name: Yuka
  • Yuka-chan
  • Birthday:
  • Age:
  • Blood Type:
  • Height: cm
  • Weight: Secret!
  • Shoe Size: cm
  • Hair:
  • Eyes: Black (the manga art always has them different colors though)
  • Yuka-chan is Atsuro's older sister
  • Anime:
    In the Anime, Yuka-chan is there with Λucifer right from teh beginning. She becomes their manager, and is instrumental in getting them gigs. She runs their publicity, books them gigs in clubs, and acts as a peacemaker between band members when they argue. She seems to understand Sakuya more than the other members of Λucifer. At home, She is close to her brother Atsuro, though they (as far as I have seen) are just normal brother and sister. Yuka is Λucifer's die-hard supporter, and travels with them when they go on tour. They owe a lot of where they are at to Yuka's hard work. She is always cheerful and supportive, and worries about Atsuro when he gets in an argument with their parents. She wants to become a good manager for Λucifer, so she leaves the band to go study the business abroad.

    In the manga, Yuka doesn't have a direct role in Λucifer's fame. In fact, she only shows up in one side story, and briefly again in a later volume. She is not Atsuro's natural sister. Her mother married Atsuro's father, and they became a family. Yuka and Atsuro grew up together, and eventually found herself feeling more than sisterly towards her stepbrother. Because of the strangeness of the situation, she and Atsuro chose to keep their relationship a secret from everyone.