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Talking Pet mascots are a mainstay of Magical Girl Anime. They appear, in some form or other, in nearly all magical girl shows. The pets can be anything from plush animals to creatures not of this earth, and everything in between.


Talking Pets play a very important role in Magical Girl Anime in that they serve as a friend, protector, and conscience. The pets are usually the only ones who know the secret of the magical powers, and are thus the confidants for the Magical Girls when they need to pour out their troubles and frustrations.

The Pets are extremely useful in acting as protectors for the Magical Girls, often realizing that the girls in question are usually very young, and are more likely to make mistakes. The pets bolster the courage of the heroines, and offer their advice and wisdom when needed.

Talking Pets is a general term for this group of characters, however I should make it clear that not all Magical Girls have one, and other Magical Girls have pets that cannot talk.

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