Magical Items!

Ahh Magical Items... no self-respecting Magical Girl Anime show would be without them! Magical Items in a Magical Girl Anime play a pivotal role in the plotlines of most of the series, as well as lead the onslaught of merchandising that always accompanies one of these series.

The purpose of a Magical Item, other than to be made into a toy and make the manufacturers and manga artists filthy rich, is to become a sort of trigger that summons the magical powers or amplifies them.

The majority of Magical Girls have magic wands that they use to transform or to attack the enemy. There are some exceptions, however. Nurse Angel Ririka has a baton-like thing that she spins around, and Akazukin ChaCha uses a magical Bow and Arrow. Sailor Moon had a kaliedoscope object in Sailor Moon SuperS.

If a Magical Girl doesn't have a wand, then she no doubt has some sort of Magical Compact or communicator. Sailor Moon wears a brooch, Magical Emi, Hime-chan, and Creamy Mami all have compacts. In the case of Wedding Peach, there is a compact/mirror item, along with other items that resemble pieces of a make-up kit. Tonde Buurin has a compact that dispatches a pig-nose-shaped object that attaches to her nose in order to transform!

Bracelets and wrist communicators are used in Nurse Angel Ririka SOS and Miracle Girls. They also can be seen in Sailor Moon and Wedding Peach.

Magical Items are usually bestowed upon our average young girl by some sort of other-world or magical being. The Items are all designed to appeal to a female pre-teen audience so as to generate maximum sales when the toy versions hit the stores. you won't see a Magical girl toting around a big ugly black club or a semi-automatic machine gun. It's strictly gold and pink, hearts and flowers for Magical Girls.