Naganuma Hiroshi

Name:Naganuma Hiroshi
Weight:123 pounds (56kg)
Height: 5 feet, 6 inches (171 cm)
Birthday: August 22nd
Blood Type:A
Likes: Soccer, watching sports, reading
Dislikes: Fried oysters

Hiroshi Naganuma is a cute, athletic boy who is also very smart. For most of his life he wore geeky-looking glasses, but with the beginning of the new school term, he began to wear contact lenses. Also, when he was younger, he was much more into academics, but he has now taken up soccer and has become the star of his team. He has lived nextdoor to Yuko all of his life, and has always looked out for her. He has had a crush on Yuko for a long time without her knowing it. Every morning he walks to school with Yuko and often carries her books for her. He can become very intense about certain things such as soccer. Unfortunately, Hiroshi can be a little dense at times, despite is academic smarts. The cute manager of his soccer team has a crush on him, and he seems unable to either realize this, or figure out how Yuko must feel when she sees him with the other girl. Hiroshi is a genuinely nice guy however, and any hurt he may cause others is never intentional. He is always there to protect and defend Yuko.

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