Kitano Miyuki

Name:Kitano Miyuki
Weight: 96 pounds (43.5kg)
Height: 5 feet (155cm)
Birthday: February 18
Blood Type:AB
Likes: News, documentary programs
Dislikes: Eggs, Fish (allergic)

Kitano-san is a very smart girl who attends Jyuku (cram school) every day after normal school. That is where she first met Yuko. At first, Kitano-san was very quiet and reserved, not making any friends in her Jyuku school class. She sat by herself and ignored the others. Slowly, Kitano and Yuko became friends. Now Kitano-san, Taka-chan, and Yuko are good friends. Kitano-san sometimes competes with Taka-chan for Yuko's attention. It can be difficult to be in a threesome of friends.

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