The Mizuiro Jidai manga was written and drawn by Yu Yabuuchi, and was published by Flower Comics. The serialized installments of Mizuiro Jidai ran in the girls monthly manga collection called 'Ciao'. After the first Mizuiro Jidai series ended, a new series, called Shin Mizurio Jidai or 'New Mizuiro Jidai' followed and lasted for 3 volumes.

ISBN Info:

Mizuiro Jidai
Mizuiro Jidai Manga Vol.1, ISBN4-09-134131-4
Volume 1: ISBN4-09-134131-4
Volume 2: ISBN4-09-134132-2
Volume 3: ISBN4-09-134133-0
Volume 4: ISBN4-09-134134-9
Volume 5: ISBN4-09-134135-7
Volume 6: ISBN4-09-134136-5
Volume 7: ISBN4-09-134137-3

Shin Mizuiro Jidai
Shin Mizuiro Jidai
Volume 1: ISBN4-09-137071-3
Volume 2: ISBN4-09-134172-1
Volume 3: ISBN4-09-134173-X