Takahata Takako

Name: Takahata Takako
Weight: A Secret!
Height: 5 feet, 1 inch (158 cm)
Birthday: May 31st
Blood Type:B
Likes: Crepes
Dislikes: Herself

Taka-chan is Yuko's best friend. They met in 5th grade when they shared the secret of raising a cat on the school grounds. Takako is a strong, honest girl who cares very much about her friendship with Yuko. She is a little insecure about herself but covers it up with an arrogant attitude. Takako is always outspoken and honest. She originally had a crush on Hiroshi, but has since developed strong feelings for a different boy. Takako is another person who is always sure to stick up for the more timid Yuko. She is very close to Yuko and knows her better than anyone.

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