"Aisuru Hito" (Loved One)
ISBN# 4-09-136027-0
Flower Comics, 2002

Yuki YOSHIHARA is one of my favorite manga artists. I can't help it, I think her series are very funny. It is a very guilty pleasure though, because I know her series are very silly and smutty. Yeah, this is more smutty shoujo manga ^_^;;; Yoshihara-sensei's art style is very pretty for the most part, though she has a habit of turning her characters SD at very inappropriate times. She creates hilarious facial expressions and very silly situations for her characters to be in. However, if you are expecting a serious, dramatic, moving story, don't get this series. It is a very light-hearted sex-comedy.

As if you couldn't tell from the very suggestive cover that this was a sex comedy ^_^;;; Anyway, the heroine is named KINOSHITA Sakiko. She is 20 years old, and a college student. She is totally in love with her 28 year old university professor, Chifyu-sensei. I don't blame her. He is tall, moody, and handsome, with short dark hair and sexy eyes. Unfortunately for Sakiko, he always refuses her very aggressive displays of affection. Yet she never gives up. Even when faced with a housing crisis, Sakiko goes to drastic lengths to earn money so she can stay in the area and continue her pursuit of her teacher. However Sakiko isn't very bright when it comes to making money. She actually tries to sell herself on a street corner! (Egads!) But her price is too high, and no one is interested. Then she meets a guy on the street named Natsuo. He is also really cute, with long blond hair. He is interested in Sakiko, and after one really great kiss, he takes her to his apartment. Things are starting to get steamy when they are interrupted by the arrival of Natsuo's roommate. Need I say who it is? Aww you guessed it! It's Chifyuu-sensei! It turns out that Natsuo is his younger brother! Oh boy. Amazingly enough the situation works out well for Sakiko. She ends up moving in with the brothers, and a very odd love triangle is formed. Sakiko really really likes her sensei. She continues to chase after him, but even though he does show some interest in her, he continues to push her away. Meanwhile, Natsuo is very interested in Sakiko too, and she has a difficult time resisting his advances. Could this end up a happy threesome? Or will Sakiko make up her mind about who she wants? Will sensei finally get over his issues and stop avoiding Sakiko?

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