"Soushun Cinderella"
ISBN# 4-06-341003-X
KC Dessert Comics, 1997

I LIKE this manga! It was bought very much at random, mainly because it had 'Cinderella' in the title ^^ The artwork inside is clean and uncluttered, and the story is cute. (I use the word cute a LOT, I know ^_^;)I seem to like that type of story for some reason ^^ The girl on the cover also seemed kinda cute I guess, so this volume ended up in my pile. The story inside if very predictable, but I couldn't help going 'Awwwwwwww' at it anyway ^^ I like GENKI stories :) This volume three main stories with the same set of characters (the first 2 being the main story, and the third being a prequel) and then the 4th story in the volume contains new characters and is unrelated to the other stories.

Kasumi is not your typical shoujo manga high school girl. She has had a problem all her life that has seriously damaged her self-esteem - she is overweight. While all her friends are thin and cute, Kasumi can only feel awkward, standing off to the side. When she goes shopping with her friends at trendy clothing stores, nothing ever looks good on her. Kasumi's love life isn't much better. There is a boy in her class she really likes, but unfortunately Kasumi's own low self-esteem and weight problem make her nearly invisible in that guy's eyes. He is too busy noticing one of Kasumi's cute (and thin) friends. Tired of all this, Kasumi tries to lose weight, but her willpower is a bit weak. She does great during the day, but at night she pigs out. But with a LOT of work and effort on her part, and the help of a good friend, Kasumi manages to finally lose the weight and emerge new like a butterfly from a cocoon. But how will everyone react to the new, pretty Kasumi? Especially the guy she likes, will her good looks make him notice her? I found this story to be very cute ^_^ It is pretty obvious what is going to happen in the 2 stories about Kasumi, but I found them fun anyway. There is a cute bit where Kasumi's best friend dresses up as Sailor Moon too ^^

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