"Mobius no Tamago (Mobius's Egg)"
by Akemi FUUJI
ISBN: 4-08-848555-6
Margaret Comics, 1996

Such cute covers! I bought both volume 1 and 2 of this randomly together because of the cute matching covers! They look adorable, though I do wonder where his bottom hand is going on the cover of volume 2 ^_^; Click on the cover of volume 1 to see volume 2's cover! The art in this is okay. The chins look a little funny sometimes, but I got over it ^_^ the lines are a little bit wispy/sketchy but nice. I really liked the pictures at the beginnings of each chapter. Those had nice detail and were not as wispy. Anyway, this is a complete story in these 2 volumes. Each volume has a shorter, unrelated story at the end. Woo hoo, the main story is about time travel! I love time travel stories!

The year is 1996, and 17 year old Hasumi is on her way to her new apartment. Following her directions, she arrives at the building, and sees a guy with longish hair and sunglasses outside sweeping the cherry blossom petals off the street. Hasumi speaks with him to see if she is at the right place, and learns that she is, and this guy is the apartment building manager! He leads her up to her room, #205, and leaves. Hasumi opens the door to go into her new room when a wind suddenly comes up from nowhere, and Hasumi is suddenly caught in a swirling mass of cherry blossom petals. They fly all around her, causing her to cover her eyes and just wait for it to end. When the wind dies down, she finally gets a good look at her apartment and is surprised to find it occupied!

In the middle of the nearly-empty room is an artist's easel, and sitting at that easel is a young man. When he sees Hasumi in his doorway, he is NOT happy, and immediately kicks her out! But Hasumi protests, explaining how he is in the room that is supposed to be HERS! But he will hear nothing of it, #205 is his room! She explains about the sakura petals, and the guy just thinks Hasumi is crazy. Why would there be sakura (cherry blossom) petals at this time of year? What? but it's spring! Hasumi runs outside and sees that that she was wrong, it isn't spring at all, and all the trees have leaves on them! What is going on! The guy in her apartment is named Sakuya, and he is VERY antisocial. He does NOT want Hasumi around, so in order to get rid of her, he shows her that it is really summer right now, not spring. Walking around town, things seem a little strange to Hasumi. Not only is it now June, but things seem... nostalgic.. she finally asks the year, and Sakuya informs her that it is 1989! Hasumi has been caught in a 7-year time slip! And Sakuya is ready to ditch her right there! What has happened, and how will she get back home again? And her parents.. if this is 1989, that means her parents are still alive... what will Hasumi do? :)

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