"Gaman Dekinai"
(Can't Control Myself)
ISBN# 4-09-135064-X
Flower Comics, 2001

I'm a sucker for cute and smutty shoujo manga series. It's a guilty pleasure! This series is by an artist that I like, and the cover certainly looked interesting. (Yes, I pruchased this because of the cover, heheh ^_^;) No, it's not super-graphic hentai or anything, but there is some sex and lots of comedy. It's the typical sort of story that you'd find in Sho-comi or Cheese magazine. The art style is very cute and solid. I really like some of the facial expressions when characters deadpan or go SD. This series spans 7 volumes.

The story in this is pretty typical of shoujo manga series. It's a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship story, where a young couple in high school faces the usual obstacles that try to pry them apart. There are arguments, and misunderstandings, and, because this series originally ran in Sho-Comi Magazine, a lot of sex. (No, it's not explicit).

Also as typical in shoujo manga, our main couple meets in an unusual way. Our Heroine, Minato, is a 2nd year student in High school. She is cute and easily flustered. One day she isn't feeling well, so she goes to the school doctor's office to lay down for a while. She isn't really paying much attention to where she is going, because she soon realizes that she got into a bed that is already occupied! The cute guy that is currently sleeping in that bed is surprised to see a cute girl in there with him all of a sudden, and decides to take advantage of the situation, and kisses Minato rather thoroughly, leaving her breathless. Minato finds out that the guy is named Chihiro, and he is a new student at the school. He's a 1st year, and he is tall and cute, and all the girls are in love with him. However, because of their unusual meeting, Chihiro is interested in Minato. He teases her and chases her, and devotes himself to her so much that she pretty much can't resist him. They soon become a couple, and Minato has to constantly ward off Chihiro's enthusiastic advances upon her person. (He is really cute about it ^_^;;) But wow, he is really persistent :D There are also people that try to break them apart. There was an amusing twist to one of those people that I thought was interesting :) Anyway, this series is somewhat pointless, but it's fun and fluffy, and Chihiro is really cute ^^

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