"Higaeri Quest"
(Day-Trip Quest)
Yutaka NANTEN and
ISBN# 4-04-924496-9
Asuka Comics, 1995

Yeah I realize this manga is already talked about on a few other sites, but I figured that you can't have too many plugs for a fun manga series ^_^ I purchased this one because of the artist. Higaeri Quest is by the artist/writer team of Yutaka NANTEN and Hajime KANZAKA. I am a big fan of Yutaka NANTEN's Cowboy Bebop manga, so I was very happy about getting this series ^_^ The main character in this story, Eri, reminds me a little bit of a young Faye Valentine ^_^ She even has the hair for it :) Interestingly enough, the writer of this series, Hajime Kanzaka (teamed with a different artist) is also responsible for the incredibly popular Slayers series. Higaeri Quest is a shoujo fantasy/adventure story that is a bit episodic in nature, but pure fun :).

The adventure begins with a school girl named Eri getting magically summoned to a magical world. Don't you love it when this happens? Really, I think every Japanese school girl has been summoned to another world at one time or another! Anyway, Eri has been summoned by a magician named Rex, intent on doing some scientific research observing people from different worlds. Rex is cute, with long dark hair and a rather pained expression at the trials Eri puts him through. Eri is not your average school girl. Instead of being terrified about her current situation, she manages to secure Rex's promise to summon her again every week. Well OK, so the promise was rather reluctantly given due to a sneaky trick Eri plays involving the alarm on her digital watch. After all, being in a magical world is a lot more exciting than life as a school girl. The manga series chronicles Eri's adventures in this magical world, as she travels around with Rex and the Prince of that world, a rather bishounen blond named Krueger. Unfortunately for Rex and Krueger, it is somewhat difficult to keep up with the very pushy Eri, and she manages to get them into quite a bit of mischief. For a better summary of this series, check out the excellent manga guide of the Artistic Inks manga site, they do a much better job of describing this series than I do :) At any rate, go pick up this manga, it is a lot of fun!

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