"Kaikan Phrase"
by Mayu SHINJO
ISBN# 4-09-136835-2
Flower Comics, 1997

Woah, I can't believe they actually made an anime series about this! I really can't believe it! :) I guess with the fangirl-success of WeiB Kreuz, they figured another anime with a group of really cute bishounen guys who sing (well ok, in WeiB they were asassins, but they sing on the cds..) would be a success ^_^ And the guys in Kaikan Phrase are CUTE! It is just that this manga seems to me to not have quite enough dramatic plot to make an anime out of ^_^ Anyway, I am not really sure why I purchased this manga. I mean, the guy on the cover (Sakuya) is cute, but I could have guessed even before opening what the story was about :) Ya see, Kaikan Phrase is by the manga artist Mayu Shinjo. And Mayu Shinjo has the habit of making the plot in every single one of her manga series almost exactly the SAME ^_^ The characters personalities are the same, many of the same situations, she just sticks them in different settings ^_^ And even though I know this, I still end up picking all the manga I can find by her! It is a mystery, really! Here are some of the common characteristics of the characters in Mayu Shinjo series:

The Main GUY: In this case it is the leader of the band called 'Lucifer' His name is Sakuya, and as in all Mayu Shinjo manga he : A) Has interesting fashion sense. B) Is rich. C) Decides within a nanosecond of meeting the main GIRL that he obsessively likes her, and will protect her. D) Seems to really perversely enjoy making intimidating and shocking sexual advances on the GIRL in public. E) Always manages to get there in time to rescue the GIRL from whatever danger she is in. (In Kaikan Phrase it is particularily amazing, as for once the GUY is not a student at the school with the GIRL) E)Manages or usually manages to convince the GIRL to have sex with him by the end of the first volume. Ok, in Kaikan Phrase trait E) is different. For once the guy does not actually seduce her by the end of volume 1. But it's close ^_^ Now the GIRL in Kaikan Phrase is named Aine. She, like most Mayu Shinjo leading girl characters is A) Fairly Timid, Sakuya seems to shock and intimidate her very easily. B) Very cute C) Is not liked at school, and is often beaten up and/or nearly sexually assulted at school and has to be saved by the GUY. Really, I wish she would smack the guy when he makes his advances on her sometimes. But actually, despite his agressiveness, Sakuya does seem to be a nice guy who worries about Aine ^^;;;

Sakuya first meets Aine when she dashes out into the street after a flying paper containing some rather hentai song lyrics she wrote for a contest an idol was having when Sakuya almost runs her down in his sportscar. It was love (?) at first sight ^^ And strangely enough, I do actually like this series along with the other ones by Mayu Shinjo (Sexy Guardian, Sukishite Sadist, Make Love shiyo!, Taboo ni Daite, etc) But I really can't say why :) I probably wont talk about the other manga here because their plots are basically the same, except instead of a rock star, the guys have other professions ^_^ Because Aine's song lyrics are good (and really really suggestive and apparently perfect for Sakuya's band 'Lucifer') Aine gets recruited to be the new songwriter for the group. It's her hentai song lyrics that first capture Sakuya's attention, and it's her song that gets Lucifer noticed by the music studios :) Lots of intense scenes between Aine and Sakuya :) Lots of bishounen guys, and song lyrics that I *really* want to decipher! ^_^ For more information about this manga and the anime that came later, visit my Kaikan Phrase Page!

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