"Luna Lunatic"
by Yukako IISAKA
ISBN# 4-09-137187-6
Flower Comics, 1990

Once again we have cute cover art! This one looked vaguely like a magical girl type of thing, and that redhead guy on the cover looks darn cute, so I bought this one. Ahh gotta love judging a book by its cover :) This manga also happens to be by the author of another volume I talk about on my page, 'Uwasa no Risky Boy'. This is a very fun manga! I like the heroines this author thinks up. They aren't as serious or strong as some other manga girls I have seen, but I like the funny way they react to their strange situations ^_^ This is not super deep, dramatic reading. This is just a fun, cute, one-shot volume with really nice art and one of the most scary characters I have seen yet! :)

16 year-old Luna is a first-year student at Angelica High School. It looks like it's a Catholic High School, as it is run by nuns. Luna's a cute girl, but she gets in trouble a lot for her behavior. For example, during church services, she was in the back asleep and drooling instead of paying attention. It is after one such event of bad behavior that Luna is punished by having to clean the church. She does so, and pauses to examine a beautiful piece of art on one of the walls. It's like a stone carving where a man's body is coming halfway out of a wall. Luna starts to clean off the carving when she cuts herself, and some of her blood gets on the statue. but that isn't her biggest problem. The statue has suddenly come to life! The man's eyes are open, and he smiles a wicked fang-toothed grin at Luna! He introduces himself as the vampire Mao, and he wants her help to get out of the stone wall.

However this guy looks like the sort you wold NOT want to trust, so Luna refuses and runs away. (This is a very funny conversation because Mao is so arrogant and funny ^_^) Unfortunately Mao doesn't take 'no' for an anser,and wouldn't ya know it, the school is suddenly infested with zombies! They are wandering everywhere, attacking students! Luna runs back to the church and confronts Mao about it, but he manages o convinc her that he can handle the situation if he could get out of the wall... so Luna lets Mao suck her blood, and POOF! out of the wall he comes. Unfortunately now that Mao is free, he doesn't seem inclined to help Luna. But never fear! Luna soon discovers that she now has complete control over the vampire's body! She can force him to do anything she wants because of their bond. Now is that cool or what! To have my very own bishounen to control! hoohoh! Mao is NOT happy with this situation of course :) This is the setup for this very amusing volume that is labelled as #1, so it looks like there is more to come! Oh, I should mention that Luna has a best friend who is more... psychoticly devoted to her than Tomoyo is to Sakura in CCS. You have to see her, she's hilarous!

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