"Kiss wa Naisho ni" (Secret Kiss)
by TAKEUCHI Masami
ISBN# 4-09-132313-8
Flower Comics, 2001

I also purchased this at random online. I didn't even see the cover of this one before purchasing. I just saw a brief description of it in Japanese, and I tried to decipher it, and the story sounded kind of interesting.... when I got the manga, I was fairly surprised that I actually managed to guess the story correctly from my poor translation of the story description. However it took me a while to get used to the art style. It's okay, and it grew on me as I read teh story. I actually like the art inside the book a little bit more than the color art on the cover. And hey, this series spans only 2 tankoubon, so it is very easy to collect!

This story is very very shoujo. I mean, it's been done before is so many series, but hey, if you like thiss ort of thing, then here's yet another series to collect :) The heroine is high school girl Ayumi. She is very cute, but very small for her age. She looks like a little kid next to all her friends. Her father has just remarried, and now she has a new family. Her father's new wife has a very handsome son who is just a little bit older than Ayumi. His name is Takeru, and Ayumi is encouraged by her new mother to totally think of Takeru as her brother, and to call him 'onii-chan'. Ayumi thinks Takeru is very cute, and is a bit in awe of him. Takeru transfers into Ayumi's school, and he instantly becomes very popular. (Big surprise there :) Takeru is very kind to Ayumi, and very protective because she is so small. He also flirts a little. Ayumi likes him a lot, and thinks he is very kind, however she is wary of the flirting because he IS very popular with girls. He has a cellphone, and he is ALWAYS talking on it, and to a different girl every time. Talk about playboy! Soon Takeru makes it known that he is interested in Ayumi in a more than brotherly way. Ayumi is really confused because she likes Takeru a whole lot too, but he is supposed to be her 'brother.' And he seems to already have a lot of girlfriends. Does he REALLY care for her, or is she just another girl for his collection? And lets not forget that they are supposed to be siblings. Their parents have no idea that Takeru is so interested in Ayumi, so they would have to keep any relationship they have a secret from their parents. Everyone at school thinks of them as siblings too, so that would be yet another deception. Ahh, forbidden romance, hahaha!

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