"Ashita no Tamago"
(Tomorrow's Egg)
ISBN# 4-04-924801-8
Asuka Comics, 1999

This manga had a couple of great things going for it before I even found out what the story for it was. First off, it has these two super-cute guys on the cover, holding weapons. That's always a plus :) Second, this manga is by Kaimu (sometimes romanized as 'Kaim') TACHIBANA, who is one of my favorite manga artists. I really love her other work (Shinesman, Rasen no Kakera, DATA, etc). Her stories are always a lot of fun, with lots of action, really nice art, and a lot of humor. I love the way Tachibana-sensei makes her characters react to the various things that happen to them. Her SD drawings are adorable, and her comedic writing is great ^_^ Another HUGE plus about this book is that unlike just about every other manga by her that I have see, Ashita no Tamago (also called 'Ashitama' for short) has furigana next to the kanji. Yay! You have no idea how dependant I am on furigana, it makes things so much easier to read :) Anyway, on with the story!

The main characters of this story are the two guys on the cover. The first guy (the one holding the sword) is high school student Makoto. His life is pretty normal until one day when at school he sees a strange... thing.... floating outside the window. The thing is floating in mid air, and looks a lot like Mokona from Rayearth but with little round ears instead of long floppy ones. Seeing this thing gives Makoto quite a fright, but being a sensible guy, Makoto decides he was just seeing things, and goes along his way. However things go from strange to bizarre when Makoto is walking home from school. He bumps into a guy on the street who, when he sees Makoto, immediately asks him if he is Makoto KATSUYA (which Makoto confirms), and then hugs Makoto close, saying he is so glad he has met Makoto, and asks for his help!

Eeeeh? Who is this strange guy that is so happy to see Makoto? Well, it's the guy on the cover who is holding the gun. His name is Yusuke KATUSYA, and he looks sort of like Vash the Stampede from Trigun, even down to the sunglasses with the little zigzags on the sides. Anyway Makoto thinks this Yuusuke guy is crazy, and runs away home. But Makoto cannot escape Yusuke. As soon as Makoto gets home, Yusuke materializes in Makoto's room like a ghost! ACK! Who IS this Yusuke guy! Well, it turns out he is none other than Makoto's own grandson, who has come from the future to seek Makoto's help concerning a situation his father (and Makoto's future son I guess) is in! Makoto is really not thrilled to hear this. He has enough problems of his own to deal with at the moment, like his parents' constant arguing, his inability to get the girl he likes to return his affections, and his annoying best friend who happens to be a tomboy. But in spite of his reluctance, Makoto is drawn into an amazing adventure! It's a story with a lot of action and plenty of laughs! :)

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