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Suggestions Needed!

By • Sep 1st, 2007 • Category: Article, Features, move


I have been running this site for 11 years now (oh wow…) and even though my layout has changed a few times, my format has remained pretty much the same. I pick some shoujo manga from my collection that I like, and I write about it.

My original goal was to just spread my love for shoujo manga, have fun talking about it, and maybe provide some inspiration/ideas for the people who do the translating (preferably licensing companies, but fan groups as well) of things that I think would be great for them to work on.

I still have this goal, and don’t want to change that, but I am also looking for ways I can improve this site, make it better or more enjoyable, and maybe increase traffic, too.

So I am looking for some suggestions from my visitors about what I can do to improve this site. Are there features I can offer that would make this better? A different way of arranging the site (like changed navigation), other topics I can write articles about?

The two things I CAN’T do are translate manga (I am not fluent enough for that) or provide manga/scanlation downloads. I have wanted to keep this site as legit/legal as possible. I know this is a wacky idea, considering all the sites that DO host scanlations and post manga for online reading, and how much traffic adding those would probably generate. But I am old, and I guess I am old school in my thinking ^_^; As it is, I already include lots of cover art, and those shoujo wallpapers, which aren’t used with permission. What other things can I offer? Hmmm.

Oh well, any suggestions you can offer would be appreciated. Please reply in the comments section below.

Thank you!


is not cute like a shoujo manga heroine.
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  1. I really like all the current stuff but if you want to add some different things then your articles like “shoujo manga plot devices” or the recent one about 70-90’s shoujo are pretty awesome. : )

  2. I just discovered your site today and haven’t been able to look at all of it yet, so I wouldn’t be able to really suggest what would be needed. All I can tell you is that so far I loved it! I really like shoujo mangas, so your descriptions make it easy to choose one to read. There are many mangas in here I’ve never heard of, so I’ll be coming really often. thanks a lot for making this site :D

    Btw..got a question that has nothing to do with suggestions but, what is the manga the picture that links to this post belongs to? (link on the “home” page).I really liked th artwork, so it called my attention.

  3. I really want to congratulate you on all the hard work you do for this site. I usually turn to you for suggestions on what to read and buy because you come across as very well-read and informative, and this site has grown into the definitive shoujo manga site (at least for me). Having said that, I think it would be great if you continue to be information-driven. Maybe you could have features/articles on the further sub-genres of shoujo manga (maybe guides to the best/highly-recommended picks from different sub-genres like crossdressing, smut, fantasy, etc). Or maybe you can have articles on certain aspects of Japanese culture that are often mentioned in shoujo manga, like goukons or White Day or school cultural festivals. Or maybe you can come up with something fun but totally random, like a Choose Your Own Shoujo Manga game. :)

    I think that you’ve managed to create a site that people still frequent despite the lack of a visible online community, like a forum. I don’t think you need one at all; rather I think you should focus on what drives people to this site in the first place — the opportunity to sample different shoujo genres so that they can understand shoujo manga better.

  4. Amazzzing site. I just recently found this page, and I’m really, REALLY happy about it. I can never decide what to read.. Usually, I find stuff from my friends, but they always ruin the end for me… D:
    Uh, I was thinking, you know for the wallpapers? Is it possible to put what manga those are from? Because I saw this really cute one that looks interesting but I don’t know what it is… :(

  5. Hi there! So I only just discovered this site yesterday and I’ve already gotten so many ideas for shoujo mangas that I really want to read so again thank you so very much! So I have another suggestion for the site (not sure if you read the e-mail I sent you earlier about the plot devices)^_^. Maybe you could create a page that lists all of the mangas you have personally read and rate them (1-5, 1-10, etc.) and make a quick note of what genre it is (boys love, student/teacher, school life, gender bender, Etc.) And perhaps have it be sortable by alphabet, rating, and genre to make it simpler for users to find whatever they are looking for.

    I second dementedchris’s suggestions concerning the article ideas and not having a forum!

    I have to say I applaud your efforts and being able to continue this site for so long. I wouldn’t have been able to do it!!

    P.S. Would you be able to suggest any good idol mangas? I LOVE idol stories!!!

  6. I stumbled on your site! I really love it! It’s really very helpful! I cannot imagine just how many manga you already read!

    Anyways I have a question! How come Skip Beat is not included? I can’t seem to find it here in your site XD If you didn’t know Skip Beat I suggest your read it XD

  7. I’d love to see an updated list of all the books you own. :3
    I think also a forum would be really cool.

    Emily  has replied on: June 18th, 2009 at 10:03 pm

    I think this list is up to date:

  8. hi! i just wanted to say i love your website! keep up the good work. just wondering if i can you link to my blog? i have friends who read my blog and could suggest them to come here to look at your site. =]

    your lists are so cool! so many manga to choose and read but most are not out in english yet =[

    i love your description. simple but does not give out the story completely and let me wanting to go find the manga to read! so THANKS ALOT!!!
    sorry i have no suggestion to add since i cant think of any

  9. hi i know you must get this a lot but i was wondering where you got some of your books at because their kinda hard for me to find and i was wondering could you tell me where you get them . that would be a big help to me so thanks and AWESOME WEB SITE I LOVE SOME OF YOUR DESCRIPTIONS SOME OF THEM MADE ME LAUGH A LOT BUT MOST OF US HAVE THE GUILTY PRESSURE’S SO I DON’T JUDGE YOU ON THAT SO KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK THANKS . : D

  10. the manga couples (in pictures) featured in your site looks really nice. i wonder if you can put a title next to it so i can read it as well.

  11. Hi, i love your blog! I love shoujo too much! But nowadays i’m transitioning to Josei. Would love to see some josei articles and recommendations! So far i read some Akemi Yoshimura. Kirinkan Graffiti is especially awesome….

    It’s sad to find shoujo less appealing but then, that’s life.

    Keep it up! :)

  12. hi…. i realy love your site and im’ very curious about the pictures im’ hoping maybe you can put a title on it so that i can check it out……..plzzz

    just keep up the good work…….
    love your site …luv it luv it..!!?_?


  13. WOW ! thats a long time^_^ Hey I’ve got something to suggest! How about Desire climax?? totally awesome manga xD for me though only my opinion^_^

  14. I was just wondering… since you have such a large selection, does the idea of your readers requesting books that they’re interested in from your list that you haven’t covered yet sound? It’s just something to put in there, so that maybe you don’t always have to find new books to review. =3

  15. Vampire Night
    Law of Ueki
    One Piece
    Fly High!
    Skip Beat


    hoshi  has replied on: December 5th, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    one piece is a shonen! Shonen sucks.

  16. hi! thanks for creating this website :D i’ve spent countless hours browsing through all the entries and it was definitely fun reading all the summaries and discovering new titles x)

    what about creating tags/labels for the manga publishers? so it would be easier to browse certain age-groups/genres of manga.
    (i especially like hana to yume)

  17. I don’t have any suggestion. Most of the site that I have seen is really great. I only have one question though.
    On the Home screen, what is the manga you have for the suggestions needed sign?

  18. I have been going to your website for a few years now and i can honestly say that i couldn’t think of anything to make it any better than it already is. I am also a big fan of shoujo manga and have read everything i could find, you have given me so many great new manga that i probably wouldn’t have found myself. This site is definitely serving the purpose that you wanted it to do.

    Keep up the good work! XD

  19. Hi, I just found this site today while browsing on my anime list and I felled in love with it at first sight. I love your wallpaper section, but most of all I love you’re reviews! I will read them all, and give you my comments to the ones I’ve also read. I really like the way you express yourself, simple and fun. It really makes your reviews easy to read and enjoyable. One problem I have right now, when I wanted to replay to Aisuru Hito I found the comments closed. why is that?
    My suggestion for you:
    1.) A section dedicated to shoujo/josei animes. I could help with the suggestions if you want [shoujo/josei is my current obsession XD]
    2.) This is a weird one, but I’ve looked at your authors list and one of my all time favorites mangaka is missing. I’m talking about Fujiwara Kaoru, the mangaka that wrote Vampire Girl [one of the best mangas out there, from my point of view]. Please do try her works, enlist the title listed above. She doesn’t have the fluffy cliche shoujos, her art is amazing and the stories are more close to josei than shoujo [being 19 I’m currently enjoying josei more then shoujo].
    Well, nice meeting you. You’re doing an awesome job. This site is a blessing for me! Too bad for the low feedback. People are lazy leechers <.<.

  20. The only suggestion I can make is to please include the name of the manga of the pictures you used everywhere. Lols. xD You know.. In your links, and like the picture you used above. xDD Well~ I’ll start browsing your site now (Yes, author by author. xD) so I probably might stumble on ’em but you know. In case I forget the name I can’t possibly look into all of the authors again. Haha. Well, if it’s not too much. :3

    Well~ Keep up the good work~! <3

  21. Since you like teacher-student mangas” Faster than a kiss” is perfect!
    Faster than a kiss is ongoing and it’s from the same author of Sailor fuku ni onegai. The teacher is male and really handsome.
    Oh, and i love this site! Good work!

  22. I am a new reader and your site is so awesome!
    Ah, If I was asked for suggestion, all that I want to say is… PROMOTE YOUR SITE MORE!
    Sorry if this isn’t helps ><

  23. Your site is great and I love it. I like all the colourful pictures and easy to understand layout.
    As for suggestions, I would like very much if you write about some older, popular and rare manga (hot road, rose of versailles, hyd (it’s not old though), glass mask). Reviews and information on these are hard to find over the internet.
    I love shoujo manga. Hope you keep writing.

  24. put links to the magazine websites

    Emily  has replied on: October 21st, 2010 at 7:53 am

    Good idea, I need to do that! (and update the poor magazine section in general… *sigh*)

  25. well, you know for your wallpapers, it would be nice if you named the manga from the wallpapers. Because the wallpapers are really pretty, and I would like to know which manga or anime comes from

  26. I see that you are in need of some suggestions for improving this site. It’s pretty obvious that you can’t really add many more groundbreaking features, but what your site would probably need would be to make it more convenient for visitors to search around. For example, maybe adding other tabs to the bar at the top of your page would be helpful (the “Home” button seems a bit lonely up there). A forum would also be a nice thing to have; it would be useful for those that have requests or miscellaneous comments that wouldn’t belong in the guestbook. Anyway, I have to say that you did a very good job on your website. It looks very organized, with a nice wallpaper, and unlike many sites, I can actually read the text. You have good syntax for your summaries, good grammar and spelling (compared to most people), and detailed summaries. Good job. *~*

    Cottonycloud  has replied on: December 25th, 2010 at 1:28 pm

    Oh, it might be nice as well if you set the more important text in bold so as to point to the visitor to look at there first.

  27. umm, can you put the name of a manga, with a pic next to it, and a quick summary? It’ll be easier for visitors to pick a manga that way.