Masaka to Omou Kedo, by MOMOI Izumi

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Masaka to Omou Kedo, by MOMOI Izumi
Title: Masaka to Omou Kedo
(I thought it wasn’t possible, but)
Author:MOMOI Izumi
ISBN# 4-08-848818-0
Margaret Comics, 1998

Hah! Ok, stepping back in time a little bit with an older manga again. This one is from 1998 though, so it isn’t THAT old, really. This is yet another one I purchased because it was on sale, and there right in front of me, and had such a cute cover :D It is a one shot volume, with the main story taking up about 3/4 of the book. I would classify this amusing story as a supernatural romantic comedy.

This story begins with a happy event. Miku-chan is finally holding hands with Satoshi-sempai, a guy she really likes! However, it is not exactly in your normal situation. They aren’t on a date, they are at a club outing in the middle of the night, trying to do some sort of alien/UFO channeling! Sitting in a circle with the other club members, Miku isn’t too concerned with this weird activity she is taking part in because she is with her beloved Satoshi-sempai, and if this is his interest, she will go along with it!

But Miku’s enjoyment of the moment is ruined by the arrival of HIURA Teppei, a friend of Satoshi’s and another member of the club. He is not as enthusiastic about this whole “channeling” thing as Satoshi is, and it takes some coaxing by Satoshi to get Teppei to join the circle. Unfortunately for Miku, he sits between her and Satoshi, thus ruining her handholding bliss. She hates Teppei!

But when Teppei sits down and joins the circle, taking Miku’s hand, something strange happens. There is a shooting star, or SOMETHING shooting across the sky. Only Miku and Teppei see it, much to the disappointment of the other club members.  This shooting star seems to be the cause of some strange events that follow.

After the gathering, Miku returns to her room at the hotel the club is staying at and goes to sleep right away, exhausted after staying up late for the channeling. She soon starts having a strange dream… one with Teppei in it! It is as surreal as dreams can be, and she doesn’t get along with Teppei any better than she does when she is awake. They have a funny conversation and some strange adventures. And when Miku wakes up, she realizes she is still wearing a shirt that Teppei had given her in the dream! What is going on here, was the dream real? But Teppei shows no indication that he had the same dream or if he did, he has no memory of it.

For the next few nights, Miku finds herself dreaming with Teppei. Is she in his dreams or is he in hers? Things begin to get stranger when she is awake, too. She begins to be able to see through walls to hear his conversations in the neighboring room, and soon she finds herself speaking his thoughts and words out loud, without any control over herself! And he begins to do the same! It is like one of them will begin a thought, and the other will speak the rest of that thought out loud. Their friends are totally baffled by what is going on, and so are Miku and Teppei. But as time goes on, things just get more and more crazy. It is like their minds are connected, or on the same wavelength! How long can this last, how much more stronger will this strange bond with a guy she doesn’t even like get?

The other story that fills up the last quarter of the book is called “Romantic Ghost” and is also a supernatural story. It is about a girl who meets a mysterious boy in a mansion that is said to be haunted.

If you like supernatural romantic comedy, this is a nice little volume to get. Miku’s reactions to all the strange things going on between herself and Teppei are very funny, and his relative calm in the face of all the strangeness is cute ^_^

is not cute like a shoujo manga heroine.
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