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Futari no Himitsu, by MORO Orie

By • Dec 15th, 2011 • Category: Fantasy, Futari no Himitsu, Gender-Bender, MORO Orie, move

Title: Futari no Himitsu Author: MORO Orie ISBN# 978-4-06-364319-0 Kodansha Comics, 2011 I was kind of hypnotized by the eyes of the girl on this cover into buying it. Look at those yes, all big and blue and unblinking. @_@ I was also attracted by the title. Their Secret? Ooh, I like secrets! There is […]

line, by TSUKISHIMA Sango

By • Oct 1st, 2011 • Category: line, move, One-Shot, Teacher-Student, TSUKISHIMA Sango

Title: line Author: TSUKISHIMA Sango ISBN# 978-4-08-846663-7 Margaret Comics, 2011 After a bit of a break, I’m back! With more teacher-student manga, even! Hurray! I picked this one up entirely based on the cover, which makes it fairly obvious that there is some teacher-student fun going on here. That class attendance book is a dead […]

Hakushaku-sama wa Yokujou suru, by AMANE Yuko

By • Feb 20th, 2011 • Category: AMANE Yuko, Hakushaku-sama wa Yokujou suru, Historical, move, One-Shot, Romance

Title: Hakushaku-sama wa Yokujou suru Author: AMANE Yuko ISBN# 978-4-09-133477-0 Flower Comics, 2010 It wasn’t really the cover that convinced me to buy this book, though it certainly is very cute and very different from a typical shoujo manga. It’s the fact that it is set in England that intrigued me. I have been reading […]

Kimi no Neiro, by FUKUSHIMA Haruka

By • Feb 11th, 2011 • Category: Crossdressing, FUKUSHIMA Haruka, Kimi no Neiro, move

Title: Kimi no Neiro (Your Melody) Author: FUKUSHIMA Haruka ISBN# 978-4-06-364291-9 Kodansha Comics, 2010 Along with teacher-student manga, one of my other favorite shoujo manga plot devices is cross-dressing. This is the first volume of a series that looks like it will prove to be highly entertaining as it progresses. The storyline involves some gender […]

Sensei ni Ageru, by YAMADA Daisy

By • Feb 1st, 2011 • Category: move, Sensei ni Ageru, Teacher-Student, YAMADA Daisy

Title: Sensei ni, Ageru. Author: YAMADA Daisy ISBN# 978-4-06-364288-9 Kodansha Comics, 2010 Because I obviously don’t talk about enough teacher x student manga on this site, here is yet another one :) I picked this one up not just because of the teacher-student theme, which is a guilty pleasure of mine, but also because this […]