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Totteoki no B.G.M., by MIYAZAKI Yuki

By • Jan 27th, 2009 • Category: MIYAZAKI Yuki, move, One-Shot, Romance, Totteoki no B.G.M.

Title: Totteoki no B.G.M. Author: MIYAZAKI Yuki ISBN# 978-4-08-848711-7 Margaret Comics, 1997 I love the cover of this manga. That is what drew me to this volume. Really, it’s very cute. I like the sideways layout, and the little kitty on her shoulder is adorable! It’s like, little kitty can defy gravity! It’s SuperKitty! I […]

Ramen Ikaga!?, by HIGURI You

By • Oct 29th, 2008 • Category: Boys Love, Fantasy, HIGURI You, move, One-Shot, Ramen Ikaga!?

Title: Ramen Ikaga!? Author: HIGURI You ISBN# 4-04-924708-9 Asuka Comics, 1997 I decided to step back a few years with this older one-shot release by popular mangaka, HIGURI You. This has always been one of my favorite series by her. It is cute and silly, and compared to the rest of her more serious, historical […]

Summer Nude, by YUU Nagisa

By • Aug 20th, 2006 • Category: move, One-Shot, Romance, Summer Nude, Title, YUU Nagisa

Title:Summer Nude Author:YUU Nagisa ISBN# 4-06-341010-2 KC Dessert Comics, 1997 Well HELLO cute almost-half-naked guy! I don’t need much more than this to entice me to buy manga, I tell ya. Ahh I am such a scary fangirl. What can I say, he’s CUTE! And it is always a nice bonus if the manga title […]

Darling wa Namamono nitsuki, by YOSHIHARA Yuki

By • Aug 20th, 2006 • Category: Darling wa Namamono nitsuki, move, Smutty Romance, Title, YOSHIHARA Yuki

Title:Darling wa Namamono nitsuki Author:YOSHIHARA Yuki ISBN# 4-09-137361-5 Flower Comics, 1997 As you might guess from the cover, this series is mainly a sex comedy. This is one of my favorite smutty comedies! It’s so silly, and the heroine in this is so amusing, that I couldn’t resist including a summary for it on this […]

Kaikan Phrase, by SHINJO Mayu

By • Aug 20th, 2006 • Category: Anime, English!, Idols, Kaikan Phrase, move, SHINJO Mayu, Smutty Romance, Title

Title:Kaikan Phrase (Sensual Phrase) Author:SHINJO Mayu ISBN# 4-09-136835-2 Flower Comics, 1997 Woah, I can’t believe they actually made an anime series about this! I really can’t believe it! :) I guess with the fangirl-success of WeiB Kreuz, they figured another anime with a group of really cute bishounen guys who sing (well ok, in WeiB […]