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S+M, by SUMOTO Amu

By • Aug 20th, 2006 • Category: move, S+M, Smutty Romance, SUMOTO Amu, Title

Title:S+M Author:SUMOTO Amu ISBN# 4-09-135301-1 Asuka Comics, 2001 have no shame. I admit it! Yes, I purchased this tankoubon because the title was “S+M” and the girl on the cover was unzipping this cute guy’s jacket with her teeth ^_^ What can I say, I like smutty shoujo manga! Besides, this series ran in CHEESE […]

Gaman Dekinai, by SHIGANO Iori

By • Aug 20th, 2006 • Category: Gaman Dekinai, move, SHIGANO Iori, Smutty Romance, Title

Title:Gaman Dekinai Author:SHIGANO Iori ISBN# 4-09-135064-X Flower Comics, 2001 I’m a sucker for cute and smutty shoujo manga series. It’s a guilty pleasure! This series is by an artist that I like, and the cover certainly looked interesting. (Yes, I pruchased this because of the cover, heheh ^_^;) No, it’s not super-graphic hentai or anything, […]

Kiss wa Naisho ni, by TAKEUCHI Masami

By • Aug 18th, 2006 • Category: Kiss wa Naisho Ni, move, Romance, TAKEUCHI Masami, Title

Title:Kiss wa Naisho ni Author:TAKEUCHI Masami ISBN: 4-09-132313-8 Flower Comics, 2001 I also purchased this at random online. I didn’t even see the cover of this one before purchasing. I just saw a brief description of it in Japanese, and I tried to decipher it, and the story sounded kind of interesting…. when I got […]

Kindan no Koi wo Shiyo, by OHMI Tomu

By • Aug 15th, 2006 • Category: Fantasy, Kindan no Koi wo Shiyo, move, OHMI Tomu, Smutty Romance, Title

Title:Kindan no Koi wo Shiyo (Lets Make Forbidden Love) Author:OHMI Tomu ISBN# 4-09-135401-7 Flower Comics, 2001 I no longer live near a manga bookstore, so this tankoubon was actually purchased at random online from a Japanese bookstore website :) All I could tell about this series was that it has nice art (I could see […]

Brilliant Magic, by MIYAWAKE Akino

By • Aug 13th, 2006 • Category: Brilliant Magic, MIYAWAKE Akino, move, Romance, Title

Title:Brilliant Magic Author:MIYAWAKE Akino ISBN# 4-09-136889-1 Flower Comics, 2001 Wow, can this volume LOOK any more shoujo-ish? ^_^ What can I say, I fall for the cuteness every time. The character designs in this are so cute, and the hip clothing and style is a lot of fun. I also purchased this because I could […]