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Love Root Zero, by TSUTSUMI Aya and KATO Chihomi

By • Jan 13th, 2009 • Category: Action-Adventure, Fantasy, KATO Chihomi, Love Root Zero, move, TSUTSUMI Aya

Title: Love Root Zero Author: TSUTSUMI Aya and KATO Chihomi ISBN# 978-4-86245-056-2 Fairbell Comics, 2007 Now here is a book that is a little bit different from what I usually cover here. I am actually not sure if this is officially shoujo. Well, ok, I am sure it’s aimed at girls, but I don’t know […]

Otomen, by KANNO Aya

By • Mar 13th, 2007 • Category: KANNO Aya, Live Action, move, Otomen, Romance, Title

Title: Otomen Author: KANNO Aya ISBN# 978-4-592-18414-0 Hana to Yume Comics, 2007 Wow, two new summaries on the same day! Go me! How could I possibly resist such an adorable cover? Look at him! He’s blushing! And there are hearts! And SPARKLES! So many SPARKLES! Yes, I am easily swayed by shiny things… Fortunately, this […]