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Sakura Irony, by KOTOU Matsu

By • Jun 11th, 2009 • Category: KOTOU Matsu, move, Romance, Sakura Irony

Title: Sakura Irony Author: KOTOU Matsu ISBN# 978-4-08-846207-3 Flower Comics, 2007 Here is one I have been meaning to talk about for a while. I actually had intended to go over this series back in 2007 when the first volume was released, but this book got lost under my manga piles, and I only recently […]

Kinkyori Renai, by MIKIMOTO Rin

By • Apr 21st, 2009 • Category: Kinkyori Renai, MIKIMOTO Rin, move, Teacher-Student

Title: Kinkyori Renai Author: MIKIMOTO Rin ISBN# 978-4-06-375455-1 Kodansha Betsufure Comics, 2007 I am so happy I was finally able to start this series! This is one that I had wanted to read for a long time, but my local bookstore only had volumes 2 and 3, no volume 1. I made sure to check […]

Shiroi Jersey ~ Sensei to Watashi ~, by AIKAWA Hiro and reY

By • Apr 7th, 2009 • Category: AIKAWA Hiro, move, One-Shot, reY, Shiroi Jersey, Teacher-Student

Title: Shiroi Jersey ~ Sensei to Watashi ~ Author: AIKAWA Hiro and reY ISBN# 978-4-09-138581-8 KC Betsufure DX Comics, 2008 Aw yeah, as usual, I return to the same cliched plot type that is my guilty pleasure — teacher-student series ^_^; I KNOW they are generally awful and all pretty much the same, but I […]

Sensei wa Ore no Mono, by Chika and Mie

By • Mar 10th, 2009 • Category: Chika, Mie, move, Teacher-Student, Title

Title: Sensei wa Ore no Mono Author: Chika (Art) and Mie (Story) ISBN# 978-4-575-33370-1 Jour Comics, 2008 Hey hey, we can never have too many teacher-student series, right? Well, ok, this is actually sort of a school-nurse/student series, but it is almost the same thing. And yeah, they all have the same essential plot, but […]

HR de Tsukamaete, by SAKAI Miwa

By • Nov 22nd, 2008 • Category: HR de Tsukamaete, move, SAKAI Miwa, Teacher-Student

Title: HR (Home Room) de Tsukamaete (Catch me in home room) Author: SAKAI Miwa ISBN# 978-4-592-18565-9 Queens Comics, 2005 MIWA Sakai has been one of my favorite mangaka for a long time. She has such a large body of works to her name — she has been putting out manga since the 70’s — and […]