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Sensei to, Watashi to, Hajimete, by WATANABE Shiho

By • Nov 11th, 2008 • Category: move, One-Shot, Sensei to Watashi to Hajimete, Teacher-Student, WATANABE Shiho

Title: Sensei to, Watashi to, Hajimete Author: WATANABE Shiho ISBN# 978-4-09-132126-8 Flower Comics, 2008 Here we go again. More teacher-student fun! Because really, you just can’t have too many teacher-student shoujo manga series~! (But don’t worry, my next entry will be a bit different) As for this, it is by WATANABE Shiho, and was originally […]

Oshiete. Sensei Jijou, by IBUKI Kaede

By • Nov 7th, 2008 • Category: Action-Adventure, IBUKI Kaede, move, One-Shot, Oshiete. Sensei Jijou, Smutty Romance

Title: Oshiete. Sensei Jijou Author: IBUKI Kaede ISBN# 978-4-09-132110-7 Flower Comics, 2008 Yeah, it was the cover and title that sold me on this manga ^_^ It just screams ‘Teacher-Student series!” so I could not resist! The strategically placed bunny plushie amuses me too. And while this turned out to be more of a tutor-student […]