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Cherries Fight, by Yasuko

By • May 29th, 2009 • Category: Cherries Fight, move, One-Shot, Romance, Yasuko

Title: Cherries Fight Author: Yasuko ISBN# 978-4-09-132233-3 Flower Comics, 2009 As if the cover of this volume wasn’t eye-catching enough, with this cute girl looking omg-so-serious in her bathrobe and guns, it was really the back cover that had me laughing and picking this one up off the shelf. If you judge the book by […]

Cinderella no Jouken, by KIKUCHI Kamaro

By • Apr 3rd, 2009 • Category: Cinderella no Jouken, KIKUCHI Kamaro, move, One-Shot, Romance

Title: Cinderella no Jouken (Requirement of Cinderella) Author: KIKUCHI Kamaro ISBN# 978-4-09-138581-8 Flower Comics, 2004 Based on my appreciation for two of this author’s other works, “Nosatsu Rock Shounen” and “Nousatsu Beat de Utawasete,” I decided to give this one a try, too. The cover is cute! And I do like Cinderella stories. This is […]

Sentimental, by SHIMOKITAZAWA Mitsuo

By • Mar 24th, 2009 • Category: Ai Hime, move, One-Shot, Sentimental, SHIMOKITAZAWA Mitsuo, Smutty Romance

Title: Sentimental Author: SHIMOKITAZAWA Mitsuo ISBN# 978-4-08-846261-5 Margaret Comics, 2008 My, what large eyes you have! That was my first thought upon seeing this cover. I mean, seriously, I know that eyes can get huge in shoujo manga, especially for things aimed at younger audiences such as Ribon or Nakayoshi titles. But come on now, […]

Ramen Ikaga!?, by HIGURI You

By • Oct 29th, 2008 • Category: Boys Love, Fantasy, HIGURI You, move, One-Shot, Ramen Ikaga!?

Title: Ramen Ikaga!? Author: HIGURI You ISBN# 4-04-924708-9 Asuka Comics, 1997 I decided to step back a few years with this older one-shot release by popular mangaka, HIGURI You. This has always been one of my favorite series by her. It is cute and silly, and compared to the rest of her more serious, historical […]

Kiken na Honey, by HONDA Natsumi

By • Sep 25th, 2008 • Category: 7 Jikanme Rapshody, HONDA Natsumi, Kiken na Honey, move, One-Shot, Romance

Title: Kiken na Honey (Dangerous Honey) Author: HONDA Natsumi ISBN# 978-4-09-132005-6 Flower Comics, 2008 Ahh, now here is a collection of silly, improbable, romantic short stories for ya! I liked the cover art here, and thought when I saw it, ‘ooh, he looks so dangerous! ^_- The art inside this volume is nice, if fairly […]