Nisaya Nakajo
Hisaya Nakajo

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e is Hisaya Nakajo's third, and longest running series so far. Her previous 2 works 'Yume Miru Happa' and 'Missing Piece' are listed below. Besides the stats listed above, it should also be mentioned that she has a cat that seems to be the center of much of the later discussion panels at the end of the volumes. This poor cat seems to get into everything, but is very cute. Also, she collects angel goods and has a fondness for L'arc en Ciel. I get the impression that Hisaya Nakajo is just a pen name, but I may be mistaken. She also has at least 2 assistants who help her out with stuff like applying all the ziptone, etc.

Yume Miru Happa

Yume Miru Happa
ISBN# 4-592-12713-7
Hana to Yume Comics, 1995

This is Hisaya Nakajo's first tankoubon, and it contains 4 one-shot complete stories. The first one takes up most of the volume, while the other 3 are much shorter and finish off the book. The main story, 'Yume Miru Happa,' is about a country girl named Futaba who moves into a building in the city where she gets free rent in exchange for some light cooking and cleaning. She is in the city to go to school, somethings her parents wanted her to do. Futaba quickly becomes entangled in the relationship between Zakuru, the guy who she lives with and is doing the cooking for, and his friend Masato. Masato is very nice to Futaba, but what is his relationship with Zakuru? The next story is about a 17 year old tomboy named Natsume who realizes she has feelings for a childhood friend of hers. But the fact that she has always been a tomboy seems to make up a lot of her worries. The last 2 stories are also great high school romances :) A very good first tankoubon by Hisaya Nakajo!

Missing PieceMissing Piece

Missing Piece
Volume 1: ISBN# 4-592-11337-3
Volume 2: ISBN# 4-592-12046-9
Hana to Yume Comics, 1997

A girl named Ai-chan gets involved with a mysterious new student at her school who seems to have strange magical/supernatural powers! The boy, named Tohru-kun, has changed the memories of everyone in their class to make them believe that he had always been a part of their class, but Ai-chan knows better, Tohru is definitely new, and he is up to something! It turns out he is there to investigate a mystery, and he enlists Ai-chan to help him out! This is the series that Hisaya Nakajo did just prior to HanaKimi, and at only 2 volumes, it is a great introduction to her work. The story is interesting, and the artwork is great!

Sugar Princess 1Sugar Princess 2

Sugar Princess
Volume 1: ISBN# 4-592-18341-X
Volume 2: ISBN# 978-4592-18342-6
Hana to Yume Comics, 2005-2007

After Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ended, Nakajo-sensei began a new series called Sugar Princess which focuses on figure skating. For the last few years, Figure Skating has become huge in Japan, thanks to such talented and popular skaters as ASADA Mao and ARAKAWA Shizuka. It is no surprise that this popularity would spawn several new manga series about the sport. This is a cute series, even though it does follow some of the formula of a typical sports manga ^_^ It is about a 3rd-year middle school girl named Maaya who is scouted and picked to become the partner of a male skater named Shun. Maaya skates very well and is very small, cute, friendly, and open. However, she has never competed, and her raw talent needs a lot of work. Shun is a veteran skater sho has some angsty issues involving his sister, who is also a skater. Shun isn't too thrilled at being paired up with Maaya, but his icy attitude soon melts when faced with Maaya's sunny personality. Sun takes on the task of helping to train Maaya to be his partner. It's a long road a head for them, will they make it?

Under the pen name of "Fumizuki Ryo" and with her doujinshi circle "Daisan Teikoku", Nakajo-sensei has published several doujinshi and doujinshi-goods for series ranging from Detective Conan to Naruto to Evangelion. Below are some images from the various doujinshi and some of the goods. Check em out!


Hikaru no Go

Samurai Troopers and Detective Conan


One Piece/HunterxHunter/Naruto

Spriggan and Fushigi Yuugi

Unknown: I don't know what Nakajo-sensei work this picture is from, but doesn't the girl in the middle look a LOT like Mizuki? She must be a prototype or something!