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Hanazakari no Kimitachi E - The Manga

Also known as "HanaKimi" for short, 'Hanazakari no Kimitachi E' is written and drawn by Hisaya Nakajo. The story ran in the magazine 'Hana to Yume' (pictured on the left), which is a bi-weekly shoujo manga anthology published by Hakuensha. Each copy of Hana to Yume has a cover price of 270 yen, making it one of the less-expensive phonebook manga out there! Lots of other great series run in this magazine too, so I highly suggest you check it out if you can! Along with the individual story installments in 'Hana to Yume', there are also collected volumes (called 'tankoubon') of the stories.

The manga has been licensed and translated into English for US release by Viz. I have included pictures below of both the Japanese and American releases for each volume. Included for each volume is a scan of the cover, the basic author and ISBN information, and my description of what happens in the volume. Keep in mind that my descriptions are from my reading of the original Japanese volumes, and that my Japanese is not perfect!

*** The Viz release of these volumes in English can be purchased HERE.

Volume 1Volume 1

HanaKimi Volume 1

Japanese Version: ISBN# 4-592-11602-X
English Version: ISBN# 1-591-16329-3

The series begins with Mizuki in America having her hair cut by her friend Julia. Mizuki is off to go study in Japan. She is on a mission: to find Izumi Sano and become his friend. She saw him in a sports video and decided she had to meet him. However he goes to an all-boys school, so Mizuki must make some cosmetic changes to her appearance, get a boys uniform and enroll in Ohsaka Academy. Once she is there, she not only meets Sano, she becomes his roommate, and meets several of his friends. Things between Mizuki and Sano heat up right away in many small scenes- she finds him sleep on the grass outside and he leans against her, she gets injured during a class soccer game, and Sano carries her to the doctor's office, Sano walks in on Mizuki in the shower, they get in an argument which causes Nakatsu to fight with Sano too, and much more. All throughout the volume Sano is close to Mizuki, and already he is beginning to have feelings for her! The school doctor discovers Mizuki's secret and becomes the one she runs to when she needs help.

Volume 2Volume 2

HanaKimi Volume 2

Japanese Version: ISBN# 4-592-12852-4
English Version: ISBN# 1-591-16398-6

Mizuki is getting pretty good at maintaining her disguise as a boy while living with Sano. She gets to watch Sano practice his high jump but has an angry confrontation with one of his rivals. Too much alcohol causes Sano to get a bit too friendly with Mizuki! EEk! Then thing get even more interesting- Shizuki, Mizuki's older half-brother arrives, and he doesn't know about Mizuki's charade! His arrival almost threatens to bring Mizuki's masquerade days to an end! She must try to convince her brother that what she is doing is okay, and to leave her there and not tell everyone, especially Sano, what she is up to! Meanwhile, Sano has a big competition coming up, and he is spending all his time at the track training for the high jump. Mizuki does her best to cheer him on!

Volume 3Volume 3

HanaKimi Volume 3

Japanese Version: ISBN#: 4-592-12853-2
English Version: ISBN# 1-591-16399-4

After a tough round of tests, it is finally summer vacation! But this poses a bit of a problem for Mizuki, as everyone is leaving the dorm for the summer, She needs a place to go. After a great ..er.. bed encounter with Sano (!), Mizuki and the gang end up heading for the beach to work at a beachfront restaurant as a sort of.. favor for Umeda-sensei. The summer job proves to be interesting as Sano's feelings for Mizuki intensify amidst some competition when another guy (his name is Makita-kun) at the restaurant takes an interest in Mizuki as well! The arrival of Sano's highjump rival causes some frction and humorous situations, but there is one very scary event that happens when Makita goes a bit too far in his interest in Mizuki.The tension between Sano and Makia is great! Mizuki's secret is discovered by someone else, yet she manages to stay a student at Ohsaka Academy!

Volume 4Volume 4

HanaKimi Volume 4

Japanese Version: ISBN#: 4-592-12854-0
English Version: ISBN# 1-591-16458-3

Summer vacation is over, and everyone is back at the dorms. But there is excitement in the air because it is now time for some school competitions! The classes are divided up into teams to participate in various events like a obstacle course, 500 meter relay, etc. Nanba-senpai is in charge of the group Mizuki is in, and he is all fired up to win! Everyone is extremely psyched up to win all their events! It looks like Nanba-senpai's fighting spirit and excitment may be covering up some feelings of sadness about something. Meanwhile, Nanba-senpai's main competition is a guy named Kujou, who seems to have some sinister things in mind. The part of the competition that everyone is talking about the most is the cosplay! Yes, a group of the guys from Mizuki's dorm will be running a coffee shop, and must dress as girls and act as waitresses! Ahh such fun! Mizuki's group has a theme for their costumes, and the results are adorable! Nakatsu in drag is priceless :) A guy named HIMEJIMA Masao is introduced in this volume. He's a very flamboyant upperclassman who likes to speak in German (he throws some French in there too) and calls Mizuki 'Kitten') ^_^ We also get a nice look into Nanba-senpai's past! There is a non HanaKimi story at the end of this volume about a romance between a girl named Miho and a mysterious boy named Yue.

Volume 5Volume 5

HanaKimi Volume 5

Japanese Version: ISBN#: 4-592-12855-9
English Version: ISBN# 1-591-16497-4

The class competition continues in this volume, and the boys are still in their cute female waitress costumes. Mizuki looks really cute with long hair! In this volume, Oh no! Nanba's rival in the class competition has Mizuki kidnapped! Sano and the others rush to try to rescue her! Sano is quite fierce indeed! Later on, Mizuki gets a postcard in the mail, and her thoughts are on it's sender, a bot named Gilbert. Back in America, he was the first guy she liked. She spent some time with him when she was 13. This is a nice background story for Mizuki! Back in the present, Mizuki watches Sano practice the high jump. Believe it or not, this results in a rather intimate moment between Sano and Mizuki! Much blushing here! Unfortunately, Nakatsu witnesses the scene, and gets really depressed! He really likes Mizuki (even though he is still in a bit of denial because Mizuki is a 'boy'). All he can think about is Mizuki until one day he is surprised with a love letter from a GIRL! Her name is Komari-chan. Her arrival throws Nakatsu into an even greater state of confusion. Should he date the new girl or stick with his affection for Mizuki? After all, Komari-chan is a GIRL, and she is pretty cute... Then one evening while studying with Mizuki, Nakatsu sees that she has fallen asleep! He stares at Mizuki, at her lips.. and slowly leans in closer to kiss them...

Volume 6Volume 6

HanaKimi Volume 6

Japanese Version: ISBN#: 4-592-12856-7
English Version: ISBN# 1-591-16498-2

Nakatsu's infatuation with Mizuki grows, but he decides to date Komari-chan anyway. Meanwhile, a reporter is sneaking around trying to take revealing pictures of everyone. Mizuki is now taking karate lessons (presumably to learn how to defend herself from attacks like the ones she has faced before). Even though he is dating Komari-chan, Nakatsu still likes Mizuki, and he struggles to contain his feelings. Finally he makes a decision as to who he likes more- Mizuki or Komari-chan, and ends a relationship. There is a background story for Nanba-senpai. It begins with him purchasing a bouquet of flowers to send to someone in congratulations for her wedding. Then we learn that the girl who is getting married is Nanba-senpai's first love from several years ago. She had been his tutor in more than just schoolwork ^_^; She had been his first love, and his first heartbreak ;_;. Returning to the main story, the romantic tension between Mizuki and Sano continues to grow, but everything is turned upside down by the arrival of Mizuki's best friend from America, Julia! Julia is a force to be reconed with. She can ignore Nanba's playboy advances, and fight with Nakatsu, yelling just as loudly! (watching her and Nakatsu together is rather funny, as he reacts to her like she is poison ivy :)

Volume 7Volume 7

HanaKimi Volume 7

Japanese Version: ISBN#: 4-592-12857-5
English Version: ISBN# 1-591-16499-0

Mizuki's friend Julia has arrived, and is making waves with her 'revelation' that she is Mizuki's 'girlfriend'! Poor Nakatsu doesn't take this well :) Meanwhile, Sano's relationship with his younger brother Shin is revealed to be less than friendly. Julia has enrolled in the neighboring girls school. She hangs around Mizuki a lot and observes her relationship with Sano, then becomes suspicious as to exactly how much about Mizuki he knows! The boys all goes on a school field trip, and of course run into the girls at a hot springs. Late at night both Mizuki and Sano decide to indulge in the hot baths, and have a close encounter! Julia proves herself to be extremely good at fending off Nanba-senpai's playboy advances! :) Sano has a run-in with his brother while on the school trip, and Mizuki learns about their relationship. The usual romantic tension is still present between the two of them (they blush a lot, and look generally adorable when around each other :)

Volume 8Volume 8

HanaKimi Volume 8

Japanese Version: ISBN#: 4-592-12857-5
English Version: ISBN# 1-421-50007-8

HanaKimi Volume 8

Volume 9Volume 9

HanaKimi Volume 9

Japanese Version: ISBN 4-592-12859-1
English Version: ISBN# 1-421-50138-4

HanaKimi Volume 9

Volume 10Volume 10

HanaKimi Volume 10

Japanese Version: ISBN 4-592-12860-5
English Version: ISBN# 1-421-50264-X

HanaKimi Volume 10

Volume 11Volume 11

HanaKimi Volume 11

Japanese Version: ISBN4-592-17661-8
English Version: ISBN1-4215-0394-8

This volume starts off with an eerie mood as the gang encounters a ghost! Nakatsu is posessed by a ghost and enters Mizuki's room at night, giving her a good scare! Taiki explains about the ghosts that are nearby, and Mizuki ends up helping them. Then comes the main storyline for this volume- the dance! The boys dorm is carted off to the girls school and are forced to lake dancing lessons for an upcoming ball. And of course, guess who ends up having to dress up like a girl? Yeah, Mizuki is stuck once again worrying that her 'female' looks may be a bit too convincing, especially when she is forced to remove her binding denim vests that hold in her chest in order to wear the strapless ballgown! There is lots of fun to be had here, as Masao (exuse me, *Oscar M Himejima!* meets his female equivalent at the girls school, and Nakatsu sees Mizuki in a short skirt. There is also a wonderful moment of tension between Sano and Mizuki when he sees her in her short skirt as well, hehehe! He actually gets a nosebleed! This volume introduces Umeda-sensei's very young-looking parents!

Volume 12Volume 12

HanaKimi Volume 12

Japanese Version: ISBN4-592-17661-8
English Version: ISBN# 1-421-50542-8

This volume continues the dance storyline from volume 11. Now that all the dancing lessons are over, it's time for the big competition night. Mizuki is in her beautiful ballgown, and everyone is ready to dance. Nakatsu actually gets to dance with Mizuki first, and in true Nakatsu fashion, he actually passes out from the excitement. ^_^;;; After an unfortunate 'accident' with her dress, Mizuki gets to dance with Sano, and they make a gorgeous couple! They dancetogether naturally and look like they are having so much fun! It also happens to be Christmas Eve, and is Sano's birthday. Mizuki wishes him Happy Birthday as they watch the snow fall. His expression is so wonderful! The next main story arc in this volume begins when Mizuki receives an urgent message from her brother, telling her to come home! This means Mizuki travels back to America, and we get to meet her family! Her father runs a vetrinary clinic in San Francisco while her mother is a dance instructor. They make such an adorable couple! Julia also makes another appearance, and Mizuki once again encounters someone she has not seen in a long time-- her first 'crush' Gilbert! Things get even better when none of thean Sano and Nakatsu run into Mizuki in America! Sano meeting Gilbert is NOT a happy situation, and the sparks (and testosterone) fly between them as they realize they are rivals for Mizuki!

Volume 13Volume 13

HanaKimi Volume 13

Japanese Version: ISBN#: 4-592-17663-4
English Version: ISBN# 1-421-50543-6

HanaKimi Volume 13

Volume 14Volume 14

HanaKimi Volume 14

Japanese Version: ISBN#: 4-592-17664-2
English Version: ISBN# 1-421-50544-4

HanaKimi Volume 14

Volume 15Volume 15

HanaKimi Volume 15

Japanese Version: ISBN#: 4-592-17665-0
English Version: ISBN# 1-421-50545-2

HanaKimi Volume 15

Volume 16Volume 16

HanaKimi Volume 16

Japanese Version: ISBN#: 4-592-17262-0
English Version: ISBN# 1-421-50991-1

HanaKimi Volume 16

Volume 17Volume 17

HanaKimi Volume 17

Japanese Version: ISBN 4-592-17263-9
English Version: ISBN# 1-421-50992-X

HanaKimi Volume 17

Volume 18Volume 18

HanaKimi Volume 18

Japanese Version: ISBN 4-592-17264-7
English Version: ISBN# 1-421-50993-8

HanaKimi Volume 18

Volume 19Volume 19

HanaKimi Volume 19

Japanese Version: ISBN 4-592-17265-5
English Version: ISBN# 1-421-50994-6

HanaKimi Volume 19

Volume 20Volume 20

HanaKimi Volume 20

Japanese Version: ISBN 4-592-17266-3
English Version: ISBN#978-1421509952

HanaKimi Volume 20

Volume 21Volume 21

HanaKimi Volume 21

Japanese Version: ISBN 4-592-17267-1
English Version: ISBN#978-1421509969

HanaKimi Volume 21

Volume 22

HanaKimi Volume 22

Japanese Version: ISBN 4-592-17877-7
English Version: ISBN#

HanaKimi Volume 22

Volume 23

HanaKimi Volume 23

Japanese Version: ISBN 4-592-17878-5
English Version: ISBN#

HanaKimi Volume 23