Ultra Maniac

The Ultra Maniac anime is based on the manga by Marmalade Boy creater Yoshizumi Wataru. It is not so much the story of a magical girl, but rather, the story of a normal girl who has to suffer through the helpful magic of a magical girl. The anime is a little more like the traditional magical girl series in the sense that Nina… Read More »Ultra Maniac

Princess Tutu

I had thought that Tonde Buurin was one of the most bizarre magical girl shows out there. But then along came Princess Tutu! Princess Tutu is the story of a story. That is, it is about how old stories or fairytales have become reality in a small, European-like town. A long time ago, a man wrote a story about a brave Prince fighting a Raven.… Read More »Princess Tutu

Card Captor Sakura

Card Captor Sakura is a beautifully animated series that tells the story of 4th grader Kinomoto Sakura. Sakura is amazingly cute and is fairly popular at school. She is athletic, and participates on the cheerleading team. For once, a magical girl who isn’t clumsy! Sakura has a best friend named Tomoyo (a rich girl whose favorite hobby is videotaping ‘her’… Read More »Card Captor Sakura