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(5/2002) My poor skins page, it has been so neglected! I have only made one skin in the last 2 years ^^ I am gonna try to make more this year, really! Anyway, to answer a Frequently Asked Question:

HOW TO USE MY WINAMP SKINS: download the zipped skin file. Do NOT unzip it. Stick the entire zip file into your 'Skins' folder that should be located inside your winamp folder. Then start up Winamp, hit Alt-S, and select my skin from the menu that pops up, and Poof, new skin on your winamp. :) I know there is a .wsz winamp skins file extension I should be using, and I HAVE converted all my skins to that format, I just haven't uploaded them yet ^^;

This page is ©1998-2007 Emily Snodgrass. The artwork featured on this title page is from Angel Sanctuary, ©Kaori Yuki and CLAMP. All other artwork featured on the skins on this site is © by the respective owners. No, I did not draw the artwork on these skins. Yadda Yadda Yadda. All skins on my site were created by me unless otherwise noted.

*ALSO* Please do NOT archive these skins on other pages without my permission! Thank You! :) But feel free to link to the page as a whole. I have made a few link buttons for that purpose, they are displayed to the right :)

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