Episode: 10
Title: Kurasu Gae / Class Change
Original Air Date: 06.06.96


It is already the start of a new term, and unlike last term, Yuko is not lucky enough to share the same class as Taka-chan. Yuko does have the same class as Hiroshi, but her joy over this deflates when she realizes how separate the boys and girls in the class tend to be. At lunchtime, Yuko becomes sad and she realizes that she has no friends in this new class, and no one to eat lunch with. She can't eat with Hiroshi, and everyone else already seems divided up into groups of friends. Feeling isolated, Yuko expreiences sadness and lonliness at being left out and friendless. Can she somehow find a solution to her problem? Why did Taka-chan in the next class decide not to eat lunchwith Yuko? Will Hiroshi ever notice Yuko's plight?

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