Episode: 14
Title: Daieto / The Diet
Original Air Date: 07.04.96


Summer's coming. This means trips to the beach. This also means that it is time for Yuko to get a new bathing suit. Taka-chan is excited about summer coming, and wants her and Yuko to get matching swimsuits. Yuko agrees to this, but feels suddenly insecure and shy when she sees Taka-chan's developing body and compares it to her own heavier, less developed figure. How can she possibly wear a swimsuit and not look bad with Taka-chan around? Upset, Yuko decides not to go with her friends on a planned beach trip. After buying matching suits, Yuko decides that there is only one thing for her to do: Diet! Starving herself, and plenty of excercise is the order of the day as Yuko pushes herself to lose weight. But can she do it without running herself into the ground? Hiroshi is confused by Yuko's bowing out of the beach trip and wants to know what's going on!

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