Episode: 4
Title: Sofutobouru Taikai / The Softball Tournament
Original Air Date: 04.25.96


Oh no! The rules have changed, and now the girls are expected to participate in the school's softball tournament along with the boys! Much to Yuko's relief, she is placed on the same team as Taka-chan and Hiroshi. Yuko is happy that they will be able to play together, but is very upset about her lack of athletic ability. The other girls on the team are good, but Yuko's ineptness is dragging the team down! The boys want to win, and so does Hiroshi. Hiroshi offers to help Yuko with her softball practice, but her dad doesn't want Yuko out late at night alone with Hiroshi! Will Hiroshi ever be able to help Yuko get better at Softball? Can they convince her dad to let them practice? How will Yuko get through the horrifying experience of the Tournament?

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